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Brazil's Florianopolis Home Prices on Rise

Marine Home & Resort, Florianopolis, Brazil
Like many places, the popular Brazilian island city of Florianópolis (Floripa) has seen some steep house appreciation in recent years.

Yet, while many global property markets are faltering, prices in this pristine and affluent part of southern Brazil continue to climb. Brazilian-based property agent uv10.com is not surprised.

"Properties in Floripa can see yearly price gains of around ten percent and, whilst the volume of sales has slowed a little since the onset of global economic crisis, those prices keep rising," says uv10.com sales manager Samantha Gore. "Two strong factors underpin this resilience. The first is that most of Floripa is set on an island which cannot be expanded, so property is a finite resource, a rare commodity. The second is that most of the island's luxury homes were bought outright without mortgages, before finance was even available and vendors have always been able to sit tight until they achieved their full asking price."   

It also helps that Floripa, located 450 miles southwest of Rio de Janeiro, is a safe, modern, clean city with a fast-growing population now numbering almost half a million. A favorite with affluent Brazilians and foreign tourists in the know, Floripa boasts some of the most expensive properties in the whole of Brazil.

Many liken Floripa's landscape to Hawaii with a tranquil St-Tropez-Ibiza vibe. For instance, there are enough lounges, beach bars and nightclubs spread along the island's 33-mile length to create a year-round party atmosphere. Meanwhile many of its 42 white sand beaches provide hotspots for year-round surfing and kite-surfing.

One of the newer developments being promoted by uv10.com is Marine Home & Resort, a beach complex set in the north of the Island in and up-and-coming area just seven kilometers from world-famous party zone Jurere International.

With an incredible 2,400 square meters of swimming pools, the apartments and penthouses range between 131 and 488 square meters in usable area and have access to a range of on-site facilities such as tennis courts, a pool bar and lounge, games room, cinema, sauna, spa, gymnasium, children's indoor playground and party area plus outdoor children's pools and play areas, a mini beach, wet deck and footbridge access to the main beach.

Additionally, the family-friendly resort-style community offers an area private parties and events.

One thing that makes Marine Home & Resort such an appealing investment, according to uv10.com, is Marine Home was developed by well-known local architects Renee Goncalves and Robson Nascimento, who built many nearby mansions in Jurere. Yet, the prices at Marine Home & Resort are relatively a lot more affordable.

For example, the average square meter price at Jurere is 10,750 Reais or $5267 per square meter, while on the other side at Praia Brava, the average price is 7,500 Reais or $3675 per square meter.  For Marine Home & Resort (in Cachoeira de Bom Jesus) prices drop to 6,800 Reais or $3332 per square meter on average - 10% cheaper than Brava and 37% cheaper than Jurere.

Only a few properties remain at Marine Home & Resort and prices start from 940,400 Reais or $460,769 for a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment. From December to February in particular, rental potential is high - up to 1,250 Reais per day ($612.50) for a four-bedroom home.

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